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High School


The Northern California Beach Volleyball High School League was founded in late 2016 to support high school girls compete using a club format in association with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). Currently, there are four schools: Branson, Notre Dame Belmont, Palo Alto and Woodside competing in the San Francisco Bay Area league and operate through their schools as Clubs. Over 10 new schools expressed their intentions to participate in the 2018 season.

We are adding an East Bay division to the league for the 2018 spring season. If you are interested in participating, please contact Fabio Ribeiro at:

Getting Started

A High School Club Team is basically a team run by the parents of the athletes, at the expense of the parents, and with or without high school involvement. Clearly it is best to have the school’s participation and most are willing to do since there is no cost to them. Here is a simple overview of what is needed:

  • Form a high school club; get all parents and club members interested together
  • Submit a request to join the league
  • 10-14 players recommended – minimum 6-8 player roster
  • MANDATORY: AAU Athlete Membership – Athlete Registration
  • OPTIONAL: AAU Club Membership – Club Registration
  • Insurance Coverage is a benefit of membership. It is provided for properly registered Athletes, Non-Athletes and Clubs

Joining NCBVL

To join the League for the 2018 Spring Season, please complete the below fields:

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