Moraga Training

Our year-round program is for the beginner to the competitive junior, ages 10-18, with the desire to play in high school, college and beyond. We combine USA & Brazilian style volleyball – the two big beach volleyball powerhouses with the goal of building sand beach volleyball players that are technically competent, competitive and confident.

Beginner: This program is designed with the goal of creating a positive and fun environment for the young athlete.  We emphasize ball control and learning important fundamentals of the game while encouraging fun through open play and good sportsmanship.

Intermediate: This program is focused on preparing the young athlete that would like to play at the high school or college level. It is the start of a more disciplined approach with an emphasis on technique, strategy, mechanics and skill development in a more competitive atmosphere.

Elite Level: This program is for the athlete that wants to play at the collegiate level. We encourage a commitment to frequent practices and a personal desire to improve.  We offer advanced level game strategy, pro level drills and encourage our elite athletes to compete in tournaments at the highest level nationally.  While local tournaments are fun and a great opportunity to learn, we want to see our athletes push themselves and grow out of their comfort zone to see progress.

Hermosa Beach Training

Join us in sunny Hermosa Beach for our elite and collegiate summer training session. Please see more info in our events or here!

Copa Training

Join us at “The Wimbledon” of beach volleyball – Copacabana Beach! That is right, come to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for an incredible training session with great coaches and local players to play with. Carioca Volleyball has arranged a partnership with local clubs in Rio in order to offer a different beach training experience. Come experience the Brazilian style beach volleyball!

Adult Beginner Training

We are now forming an adult training group in Moraga. This group is designed to get beginner players up to speed and playing quickly. We focus on technical training as well as conditioning on the sand. If you are interested, please email us at:

Nutrition: Coming soon!

Conditioning: Coming soon!

College Recruiting: Coming soon!

Sports Psychology: Coming soon!


“My daughter is an indoor player and somewhat new to beach volleyball, but is enjoying the “forgiving” court surface, more touches on the ball than indoor offers, and the exceptional coaching that Fabio brings to Lamorinda. Thanks for all that you do!”
D.C. – Parent
“Fabio is a great coach and an excellent role model. He has a wonderful manner with the children and yet he is very professional in every way. I am very happy with the results and wanted to pass the message on.”
A.M. – Parent
“The club has been getting great reviews. We are extremely impressed with Fabio who always goes that extra mile to help and ensure the children are happy and safe.”
Moraga Commons – Staff
“She misses playing beach and you! And she seems stronger on the court due to beach so thank you Fabio.”
“My daughter is improving so much, thanks.”
J.L. – Parent