Club Rules

  1. Fees: The Club Fee is due prior to the training period. All payments made to CVC are non-refundable. * In the case of a season ending injury, the Club Director will decide upon the status of the player’s fees.
  2. Practices: CVC practice sessions are designed to be demanding, instructional and very competitive, while keeping a positive environment. During practices, all players will have equal opportunity to participate. Players are encouraged to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to practice time. Early arrival time should be used for stretching. Remember: EARLY IS ON TIME, ON TIME IS LATE, AND LATE IS ENTIRELY UNACCEPTABLE. There are consequences for arriving late (at coaches’ discretion). Players are responsible for ball shagging at practice, and most importantly, keep balls away from potential risk areas. All players are responsible for the set-up and take down of the net systems and equipment, if necessary.
  3. Missed Practices: The coaches will create a practice plan according to the number of players and skill level of the group. Players MUST notify the coach via telephone or text, PRIOR to practice start in case of absence. In case of an illness, the coach should be notified as soon as possible. Players are NOT allowed to attend practice sick.
  4. CVC Apparel: CVC will provide players with a practice t-shirt. There are other CVC gear available for sale which includes bikinis, tights, shorts, backpacks, and much more. Players do not have to wear CVC gear during tournaments, but are encouraged to do so. The only time players are obligated to wear CVC gear is during a Club Tournament or any event that the player will compete as a club.
  5. Sportsmanship and Club Representation: CVC teaches and expects good sportsmanship from its players. That starts with practices and it carries over to tournaments. CVC emphasize respect for oneself, club and teammates. Any behavior that depicts poor sportsmanship or misrepresentation of the team and club will not be tolerated. Violators will receive warnings and will be addressed by coaches and directors. CVC may bar repeat transgressors from the team/club.
  6. Tournaments: There are local and out-of-area tournaments. CVC is NOT responsible for any entry fees, travel arrangements, meals, lodging or any other expense incurred during tournaments. CVC coaches may or may not attend tournaments (at their own discretion). It is highly recommended that players record their games so that they can review them with their coaches (video reviews are to be arranged directly with coaches during a private lesson).
  7. Alcohol and Drugs: CVC will not tolerate substance abuse/use ANYWHERE, under ANY circumstances. CVC may bar transgressors from the team/club without further ado.
  8. College Recruiting: CVC may assist players with college information, contacting collegiate coaches and strengthening player profiles. Even though CVC does not guarantee a spot in collegiate programs, the club takes pride in promoting its players.
  9. Grievance and Concerns: If the player or parent/guardian is unhappy with the coaching, club or any other issue, the following resolution procedure MUST take place:
  • The player only, must schedule a meeting with the coach, outside of practice time.
  • If the player is not satisfied with the response from the coach, the player can schedule a meeting with the coach and parents/guardian.
  • If the matter remains unresolved, the parent/guardian and player will schedule a meeting with the coach and club director.