Jose Loiola Winter Training Camp

Carioca Volleyball Club is proud to present the best of beach volleyball training this winter: the first Jose Loiola Winter Training Camp in Hermosa Beach – California. Designed for the elite collegiate player and top athletes, this camp is a unique opportunity to train with and compete against some of the best collegiate players in the country. Instructed by former Olympian, World Champion and Hall of Fame coach Jose Loiola. Experience high level beach volleyball training at its best and get your game in high gear for the season.

WHO: Carioca Volleyball Club

WHAT: Jose Loiola Winter Training Camp

WHERE: Hermosa Beach – California

WHEN: December 16 to December 22

WHY: To be the best, you must train and play with the best

Space is limited! Reserve your spot TODAY!

CAMP PRICING: $450 per session

MORNING SESSION: 10:00 am to 12:00 noon

AFTERNOON SESSION: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

*Refund Policy: 80% Refunds until December 9. From December 10 forward – NO refunds.

Camp Registration

This is a limited space camp! In order to guarantee a spot, please fill out the camp registration as soon as possible and make a payment to hold it. Here is the procedure to register:

  2. If approved, we will send a Camp Invitation with payment instructions
  3. MAKE A PAYMENT to confirm your spot

Featuring Coach

Jose Loiola

  • USAV National Team – Head Coach
  • Brazilian Olympic Player
  • FIVB World Champion
  • FIVB Pro Team Sara Hughes and Kelly Claes – Head Coach
  • Hall of Fame Player and King of the Beach Winner

Fabio Ribeiro

  • Director Carioca Volleyball
  • USA Beach Team Coach

Camp FAQ’s

  1. How do I sign-up?
    Please fill out the CAMP REGISTRATION FORM and once you receive our invitation back, you may proceed to make the payment to reserve your spot.
  2. Do I need to have a partner or can I sign up as an individual?
    Most players sign up as an individual. You may want to participate with a partner, but both players will have to fill out separate forms.
  3. What is the level of play?
    This is a high-level camp. Players must be able to demonstrate experience through tournament results, collegiate ranking, USA High Performance Ranking, Professional Ranking and/or coach/club recommendations. We have players from all over the US, both college and adults.
  4. Do we get any gear?
    No. You must bring your own practice gear.
  5. Do I have to wait for the invitation before making the payment?
    Yes. You can only make a payment once you receive our invitation with an invoice for payment.
  6. Can I register my partner?
    No, each player must register separately. You may indicate your partner’s name on the notes, if applicable.
  7. What is the weather like in Hermosa at that time?
    It is winter, but usually not that cold. You may want to bring winter training gear with you just in case.
  8. Can I register at the beach?
    No. This is a very limited space and high-level camp. Each player must register and prepay in order to participate.